Interview with Jamie Annalisa

Today I have been lucky enough to do an interview with the wonderful upcoming author Jamie Annalisa!

Who or what got you into reading?

I grew up really wanting to enjoy reading but I never really found books that I enjoyed. All the books I read for school were boring or too slow, so I by default assumed I didn’t like to read. Then when I was around 13 I watched the TV show Gilmore Girls with my mom and since I loved Rory’s character so much I decided to give reading another chance. That’s when I found the Murder Mystery and Romance genres. Those were the only genres for a while that I enjoyed. I then within the last year found fantasy authors like Sarah J Maas and Elise Kova, falling in love with their novels. Now I read a ton of different genres and now know, I DO like reading just not books I DON’T like.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

From a very young age, as young as 6 years old, I wrote stories. Short stories about a classroom that transported the children in it to pre-historic times with dinosaurs where they had you find their ways back home. A LOT of stories about young teen girls and their day-to-day lives, almost living through the stories I wrote and imagining teenage years as a child. And of course one of the first full-length books I ever finished, a story about a little girl who made a city out of cardboard in her backyard and became the mayor of the town with her friends. I’ve always wanted to publish and become a writer. I think a better question is when didn’t I know I wanted to be a writer?

How do you balance writing and reading with life?

To be honest, still trying to figure that out. I am definitely a more active writer than a reader since I would love to be able to get my debut novel out before the end of the year. But what little balance I’ve found has been through scheduling my days out in pretty in-depth detail. I LOVE a good schedule and it helps me find time for all the things I love to do.

What genre does your writing fall under? Would you ever write under different genres?

Currently I am mainly a fantasy and romance author but I would LOVE to explore many genres. Definitely, some on my radar to try out are rom-com, murder mystery, cozy mystery, medieval fantasy, and more!

How long have you been an author?

Since everyone defines “author” a little differently, I will first tell you what being an author means to me. To me, it means to be actively writing a novel/novels for the public. Regardless of being published. So in that definition, I’ve been an author since November 2021. That is when I started the outline for my debut novel WIP, The King Of Mischief, and I started the first draft in February 2022 I believe.

Did you ever have any plans growing up on being an author?

Oh 100%! I wanted to be an author so bad when I was younger. It has been a dream of mine since I wrote my first story at age 6.

What authors do you look up to?

It’s hard to not go on an incredibly long tangent about the plethora of amazing authors I look up to. To name only a few I would definitely say, Piper CJ, Alex Aster, Sarah J Maas, Quinn Caslan, and Elise Kova.

Please visit Jamie on Instagram!


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