Q&A with Jesy Elyse (jesyelyse)

Gryffindor Books: Thanks so much for doing this! Also, Happy Birthday!

Jesy: No problem! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!

Gryffindor Books: Who or what got you into reading?

Jesy: Many certain books got me into reading but I really believe that it manly came from my dad reading me books every night before going to bed when I was really little growing up. I have Dyslexia so when I was little it made me upset when kids in my grade were moving onto larger chapter books whereas I was stuck reading the same book over and over. Eventually I began to read Goosebumps, Nancy Drew, and The Magic Treehouse series. I devoured all of those series and eventually I began reading faster and ahead of my grade.

Gryffindor Books: Do you have a favorite book format? Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook, or eBook?

Jesy: I have different reasons for when I prefer a certain format of book. Particularly my favorite book format is Hardcover just because they always looks so nice on my bookshelf and I love the feeling of getting to put the dust jacket back on when I’m done reading one. I know that sounds a little weird. I also think they are more durable then paperbacks because no matter what, paperback covers always tend to permanently bend for me. I typically love paperbacks when I travel just because they tend to be more light weight. My other favorite format of book is audiobooks because they are perfect to listen to when I’m working out or cleaning up the house and they help me fall asleep sometimes. Audio books are also a fantastic way to re-read books that you’ve previously read and loved because you get to hear the story told a little differently and I think that that’s really cool.

Gryffindor Books: If you could have dinner with one author who would it be and why?

Jesy: That is a very tough choice because I always feel like it’s a battle between J.K. Rowling and Cassandra Clare. This may be a little surprising as Harry Potter I think holds a massive spot in many peoples lives but for me I am going to have to choose having dinner with Cassandra Clare. If it weren’t for The Mortal Instruments series then I wouldn’t have discovered the YA blogging community and I wouldn’t have come into contact with Simon Teen. I wouldn’t have been as obsessed with reading as I have become and I wouldn’t have met some of my best friends that I have today. One of my best friends is Caden Sage from athousandbookstoread on YouTube and we met for the very first time at a Cassie Clare signing. And through Caden led me to meet my boyfriend who is also obsessed with Cassandra Clare. It is just amazing to me how so many of us can meet and have an amazing connection for the thing. Ultimately I really can not imagine where I would be If I hadn’t followed the path that Cassandra Clare opened up for me.

Gryffindor Books: When you were growing up which fictional characters did you look up to?

Jesy: A character I definitely looked up to was Nancy Drew. I used to collect all copies of Nancy Drew and tried to get my hands on any old vintage copies I could find. I watched the Nancy Drew movies and TV shows because I admired her so much as a character and wanted to be her. I have always loved ghost stories and mysteries especially. I admired and thought Nancy Drew was so brave, smart, and a unique individual.

Gryffindor Books: How and why did you start your Booktube channel?

Jesy: From the beginning I had always been told that I should start a YouTube channel starting in 2013. It took me a long while to actually get enough nerve to start a booktube channel. I was mortified that people wouldn’t like me. I had started filming videos in 2013 (thank goodness I didn’t post those because they are embarrassing lol) but eventually posted my first video in 2015. It took me a little while to get used to being comfortable in front of a camera and learning the ropes of editing which I wasn’t very good at. I basically had no one to help me, I knew no one in the community, and I was just figuring it out as I went. And eventually, through booktube, Is how I have made so many incredible friends who have taught me so much. I regret not starting a channel earlier but ultimately I think that the time I started, though being a little late to the game, was the right time for me because I think that certain things are meant to happen for a reason.

Gryffindor Books: If you had to give someone who wanted to start a booktube some advice what would it be?

Jesy: I would say be patient and really learn what your style of filming Is. A massive amount of following is likely not to come straight off the bat. Making videos shouldn’t just be about wanting the following, It should be about sharing your love for books a finding others who do too. It’s a lot about finding your editing style, your audience, and your voice in front of the camera. It’s also important to make friends in the community who maybe share the same loves as you and you can help each other out by bouncing ideas back and fourth like Caden and I sometimes do. Collab’s are also a great way to help grow your channel and are also really fun to film.

Gryffindor Books: What is your Hogwarts House? What is your Ilvermorny House?

Jesy: I am a Gryffindor, though I had read online somewhere one time that based upon my star sign I would be a Hufflepuff. My friends all seem to agree and see that I could be a mix of a little bit of both. Ultimately though with having taken the official sorting quiz twice, I am a Gryffindor. Unfortunately I don’t know my Ilvermony house yet. I know I’m really behind! I’d always wanted to film a video getting sorted but haven’t done it yet.

Gryffindor Books: If you had to choose one of your videos as your favorite which would it be and why?

Jesy: That is a difficult question for me because I always film a ton of videos but 80% of them never get edited or posted because I’m likely not happy with them. I am very particular about my videos and don’t want to put something up that I don’t feel is my best work. Hence why sometimes I need to take a break because I just might not be in the creative mood and I don’t want to push my boundaries. I’d have to say most of my favorites are ones filmed with my friends so basically the vlog type videos. One of my all time favorites would probably have to be my Disneyland vlog from last year because It was such a memorable and magically spent day with friends and I’m so happy that I decided to document it the way that I did. I also really enjoyed filming and creating the makeup book looks because many people liked them. I also really enjoy interview like my one with Leigh Bardugo. There are a lot and I’m indecisive but I think that’s the gist of it haha!

Gryffindor Books: Thanks for doing this!!

Jesy: I loved theses questions! Thank you so much for having me! 🙂

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