Q&A with Kaitlyn Foster (Big Screen Books on BookTube)

GB: How did you come up with the name Big Screen Books?

KF: I have had 3 channel names in 3 years which is a little weird now that I think about it! When I first started, my channel was missbooklover but after awhile I found that it sounded a bit childish and I just wasn’t a fan of it. So then, I changed it to xoxKaitlynNicole, which is what I had for most of my BookTube career. I still have my Instagram and Twitter associated with that name, but it just wasn’t creative enough for a channel. Then a few months ago, I decided to change it to BigScreenBooks. I wanted to talk about more pop-culture things like movies and tv shows and so I had brainstormed words that had to do with movies and books. My dad was the one who suggested BigScreenBooks after I showed him that list, and I loved it! I think this is the one that’ll stick.

GB: When and how did you start reading? 

KF: I’ve been reading my entire life! When I was little, my parents and I had this tradition where we would all go out to eat and while we are at the restaurant, I would read a chapter of the book and then my parents would read it and then they would ask me comprehension questions on it to see what I could remember. It turned into a fun game and competition and I had so much fun doing it. But reading on my own really took off when I was in 2nd and 3rd grade when I had read the Harry Potter series, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and The Percy Jackson series.

GB: If you could have dinner with one author who would it be and why?

KF: It’s probably cliché to say J.K Rowling, but honestly that’s who I would love to have dinner with. She has been such a huge influence on my life for so long. I did every single English project when I was in 4th grade related to Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling. I did book reports on the first 3 books, I had to give a presentation on her biography, I had to create a puppet model of her (which is a bit creepy oops) and more. My first tattoo was inspired by her books also. But if we want a non-basic Harry Potter answer, then I would want to have dinner with Marissa Meyer or Sarah J. Maas because those are my other two all-time favorite authors!

GB: What is your Hogwarts house? What is your Ilvermorny house?

KF: I am a Ravenclaw and Pukwudgie!

GB: If you could live with any author who would it be and why?

KF: I would want to live with Adam Silvera or Cassandra Clare! Adam is so funny and down-to-earth, we would have a lot of fun together. I would want to live with Cassie Clare so I can be there as she writes her amazing books!

GB: When you were younger which character did you relate to? which character do you relate to now?
KF: When I was younger, I really related to Luna Lovegood and Violet Baudelaire. They are quirky, intelligent, independent, and strong, I still admire both of those characters! Now that I am in college, I really relate to Cath from Fangirl and Emma Carstairs from Lady Midnight.

YA Books are Epic: Which format do you prefer? Hardcover, paperback, audiobook or ebook?

KF: I love hardcovers and audiobooks! I travel a lot, mostly by car, so audiobooks help ease those many hours of driving!

YA Books are Epic: When did you start your booktube channel? why did you start?

KF: I started in February 2014. I had been watching BookTube for a few months prior, but one day I had decided that I wanted to create a channel. I have studied film production for about 6 years now, so when I started my channel I already understood cameras, editing, and more. I started it because I was in a really hard time in my life. I had been suffering for a while from depression, anxiety, and I was recovering from an eating disorder. I found my life to be lonely and I needed an escape, but I hadn’t picked up a book in almost 2 years. After my English teacher had taken our class to the library so we could choose a book for our choice novel project, I stumbled upon a book that had the most interesting cover I had ever seen. It was Cinder, by Marissa Meyer. Like a Cinderella retelling where she is a cyborg? Sign me up! I picked it up and finished it in 2 days. I had never felt happier in my entire life and I needed to talk to someone about it, so I thought what better place to meet more readers than online?

YA Books are Epic: What advice can you give to someone who wants to start a booktube?

KF: Don’t let anyone stand in your way. I had many friends and family members who told me it was a bad idea. But, I started the channel anyway and now I have some of my closest friends from this community and my future career will probably be in publishing. Be yourself! If you are dorky and nerdy, (I literally film all the time in my stormtroopers jacket that I got from the men’s section in WalMart) then show it. If you are shy and quiet, then don’t force yourself to be extraverted and loud. Do it because you love the books and the community, because in the end, that’s all that matters! I also advise people to try to go to signings or events as much as possible and interact with readers and authors in real life. After a while on the internet, I began to feel lonely and disconnected a bit, but once I met my friends and favorite authors in person, you will feel even more connected than ever before!

YA Books are Epic: If you could meet any Booktuber or Bookstagrammer that you haven’t met yet who would it be and why?

KF: I would want to meet Emma from Emmmabooks because she has been a very good friend of mine for a few years now! Her and I are so similar and she was one of my first friends here on BookTube!

YA Books are Epic: If you were on a stranded island and could only take one book series with you which one would it be and why?

KF: Is there a book on “How To Get Off This Freaking Island”? 

YA Books are Epic: What computer do you have and what editing software do you have?

KF: My computer is a Dell Inspiron 13, which I absolutely LOVE! I edit using either Adobe Premiere Pro or Cyberlink PowerDirector.

YA Books are Epic: Do you have a favorite author? a favorite series? a favorite genre?

KF: My favorite genre is definitely Sci-Fi/Fantasy, but I also love Historical Fiction. My favorite book of all time is probably, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. My favorite series as of now (besides my childhood favorites I mentioned earlier), are The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer and Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas!

YA Books are Epic: If you could write a book what would it be about?

KF: I have tried writing many times, but I find that I do it more as a creative expression rather than to publish. But I would love to write my own fantasy or sci-fi retelling novel. Something inspired by The Sword and the Stone (aka King Arthur and Camelot) particularly!

YA Books are Epic: If you had the chance to do a collab with an author or booktuber who would you choose and why?

KF: I am dying for the day when I can do a collab with one of my BookTube best friends Jacqueline, aka Jbooklover. Her and I have been close friends for a very long time, like we have done liveshows together, but I really want to film videos with her! I would also love to do a video with Leigh Bardugo! I have met her a few times and she is just so amazing! Her and I would have a lot of fun filming together!

YA Books are Epic: How do you balance your daily life, reading and booktube?

KF: Oh lordy man. My daily life includes going to school full time, playing college volleyball, and working two jobs. Reading and BookTube sadly got left behind when I started college in the fall. I however have done a much better job for the past 4 months of making it my priority. I basically just split the year in half. My first half of college was focused on my daily life and trying to not get overwhelmed and then this semester has been BookTube based. I pre-filmed like over 10 videos during winter and spring break so I could edit and upload them while in school, and I made conventions and signings very much a priority, and I have trying to get back into bookstagram! I have a notebook where I organize my reviews and video ideas, and now I use a planner where I schedule in reading time.

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