Q&A with Caden Armstrong (A Thousand Books to Read on BookTube)

YA Books are Epic: Thanks so much Caden for agreeing to do this with me!

CA: Hi! Thank you so much for having me!

YA Books are Epic: What got you into reading?

CA: I always hate to tell this story haha because it is so embarrassing especially to a book nerd, but I actually got into reading because of a book to movie adaptation. My family is in the film business and we always go to movies on the weekend and my dad and I were really excited about this one. It was called The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. I remember being so engrossed in the movie and then at the end walking out of the theater freaking out. I immediately ran to the bookstore to buy the book and I finished it faster than I had ever read a book. I went on to buy the rest of the series and read it within 3 weeks. After that I was a wreck because I had no life and “nothing else in the world” to read. Yes I am a drama queen from time to time, but I was also 13 haha. My dad walked into my room and handed me a book. I looked at it in disgust because it wasn’t anything to do with The Mortal Instruments or Demon Hunters and my dad just said, “Give it a chance. It is really popular.” And so I started reading Divergent by Veronica Roth. That is what introduced me into YA and ultimately started me reading on my own. However, Cassandra Clare did not start all my reading, I wish I could give her all the credit because she is an inspiration to us all, but my parents always read to me when I was little and while I was growing up so I already had a love for books and reading in general.

YA Books are Epic: When you were younger which character did you relate to? What characters do you relate to now?

CA: Oh gods this is a hard question. When I was younger I think I always really related to Anabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson series. Now I don’t feel a certain inclination towards one specific character. I find more often than not that I can connect to a lot of different characters in all sorts of different stories. They all most all have something that the reader can relate to on some level and that has to be one of the things I love most about reading.

YA Books are Epic: Do you have a preferred reading format? If so, why?

CA: I love reading a physical book, but I have to admit that reading on my phone is great when I am tired or * cough * reading Dramione Fanfiction * cough * .

YA Books are Epic: What or who got you into BookTube? How long have you been on BookTube? Do you have a favorite video that you have posted?

CA: Ok, so. Because of The Mortal Instruments I eventually found Sasha Alsberg and followed her on Booktube and Instagram and from there found Christine. I was talking so much about books that eventually a friend’s mom suggested I start my own blog and that sparked the idea. From there I started my Youtube channel ‘A Thousand Books to Read’ and started making—very bad—videos. HAHA. They have gotten better but I am the first to admit that my first couple videos are so cringey lol. I have now been on booktube for almost 3 years and they have been some pretty amazing years. I have made so many new amazing friends and memories because of Booktube and I am so lucky to have had the experiences that I have had the opportunity of having. My favorite video… that is also a hard question because I love almost all of my videos, however, one of my favorites is the bookshelf reorganization ones or my Dramione Skit one that I did with my bf. I also have a secret project coming this summer that is probably my favorite video I have ever made so I am very excited to share it.

YA Books are Epic: Do you have a favorite BookTuber?

CA: I honestly don’t know. This is hard now because I am friends with most of the people that I watch haha. I love every single person that I watch on booktube because even if I might not agree with them, I honor their opinions and I love that they are helping create a community that accepts and acknowledges different points of view. It is an honor to be included and work with them.

YA Books are Epic: If you had to have one book series with you on a stranded island which one would it be and why?

CA: The Mortal Instruments. One hundred percent. Every single book of Cassie Clare’s will let me live the rest of my life in peace and happiness. But if I could I would definitely sneak on a copy of Six of Crows and Anna and the French Kiss on there with me because I can’t live without those book either. I think it is because those books mean the world to me. I connected deeply with each one and each one of the books impacted and changed me in my life. They taught me important lessons and helped me through tough times. I am very grateful that I had them.

YA Books are Epic: Do you have any advice for people who want to start a BookTube channel or for someone who is newish to BookTube?

CA: I think one of the most important things is not to be scared to start a booktube. It can be really intimidating to put yourself in front of a camera and put yourself up on the internet. There are a lot of haters out there so if you just block them out and do it for you then you will be loved and be successful. My top thing that I always say to people when they answer this Question is just be yourself in front of the camera! Don’t act or be another person, your viewers go onto your channel to see and hear you so it is really important to always stay true to yourself and your opinions.

YA Books are Epic: Do you have any signed books? If so, how many and can you tell us a little about how to get signed books?

CA: Yes I have lots of signed books. I honestly don’t know how many because I have never taken the time to count, but I would say half if not more of my bookshelf contains signed copies. I ge them by going to conventions and festivals. Also there are really great online stores that you can get them from such as Book of Wonder or other online bookstores. Sometimes Bookstores will have signed copies as well, it only takes knowing what you want and hard core looking for it.

YA Books are Epic: Thanks for doing this!!

CA: Of course! Thank you for having me! 

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