Q&A with Alex Scarrow (Author of TimeRiders)

YA Books are Epic: Thanks for agreeing to do this with me!

Alex: No problemo. 

YA Books are Epic: How did you first get into reading? What author or book series sparked your love for reading? 

Alex: When I was 8-9 I read a lot of the ‘adventure’ books by Willard Price. Then, it was straight onto Stephen King! (and by the way I still read King….quite simply, imho, one of the best American writers, ever.)

YA Books are Epic: What book character(s) did you relate to when you were younger? 

Alex: I’ve always liked ‘losers’ as main characters. People who get stuff wrong, trip up at the key moment, drop their gun, fluff a line etc Which is why I never really liked James Bond or Superhero series. The heroes always win, seemingly without effort or any real risk of mental or physical damage to themselves.

YA Books are Epic: When did you realize you wanted to be a writer? 

Alex: Early, then late. I’ll explain. When I was 9/10 I used to write loads of short stories (badly). But then, when I turned 13, I got an electric guided and for the next 15 years it was all music, bands, gigging, touring. It wasn’t until my 30’s that I rediscovered my passion for story-telling.

YA Books are Epic: How did you first come up with the Time Riders series? 

Alex: I think it’s an amalgam of time travel stories I enjoyed in my youth. I was a big fanboy of the Back To The Future movies, and Terminator.

YA Books are Epic: Did anything or anyone from your life influence the Time Riders series? 

Alex: I’ve often wondered ‘what if’ about my own life. For example – What if I’d carried on as rock guitarist, where would I be now? So the idea of jumping back in time and meddling with the details of the past has been a part of my psyche for as long as I can remember.

YA Books are Epic: So far in America only four novels have been published. Do you have any plans to release the whole series in America? 

Alex: This really depends on the US publisher Walker Books. They’ve only licensed the first four, and if enough copies of those sell, then perhaps they’ll license the rest. It’s down to you guys. Spread the word!

YA Books are Epic: For us Americans who like your books is there a way for us to get signed books? Is there a way to get all the books from the Time Rider series?  

Alex: You can. my website is www.alexscarrow.com and if you go to the TimeRiders page, that’s where you can buy them, and of course, it would be my pleasure to sign and dedicate.

YA Books are Epic: Please give us a little summary of the Time Riders series. How many books do you have planned for the series?  

Alex: The original series was nine books. Which completes the story arc I had planned. However, since finishing writing the series last year, I had an idea that opened the series up to a whole new arc…obviously, I’m keeping that idea to myself. My plan is to write the 10th book, and, if I can find a publisher, then set out the second series. If not….then maybe I’ll self publish.

YA Books are Epic: Have your books been translated into other languages? 

Alex: I think about twenty languages off the top of my head? Might be more.

YA Books are Epic: Personally I would love to watch a movie or tv show based on your books. Do you have any plans to make a movie or tv show? If so, who would you like to play each of the main characters and why? 

Alex: I am actively seeking a production company. Several deals have been and gone and right now there’s a lull, So, if any US producers out there are interested…you know where I am!

YA Books are Epic: What is the reading order of your books? 

Alex: TimeRiders, Day of The Predator, The Doomsday Code, The Eternal War….then….Gates of Rome, City of Shadows, Pirate Kings, Mayan Prophecy and finally The Infinity Cage.

YA Books are Epic: Thanks so much for doing this with me! I can’t wait to read your other books!

Alex: You’re welcome 🙂

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